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Popcorn - Maker
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Popcorn nur im Kino? Nun nicht mehr, denn mit unserem tollen Popcorn-Maker können Sie es kinderleicht und schnell in der Mikrowelle zubereiten. Einfach etwas Mais mit ein wenig Öl in die Schüssel geben, den Deckel auflegen und nach Anweisun

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Diary of a Lost Girl
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A silent film directed by George Wilhelm Pabst and written by Margarete Bohme and Rudolf Leonhardt on 15th October 1929, Diary of a lost girl is a film about a young daughter of a pharmacist (Josef Rovensky). This innocent girl is seduced by her father’s lustful assistant, Meinert (Fritz Rasp) and later gives birth to an illegitimate child. The film showcases how a girl with good repute falls from grace after she is seduced and her diary says it all. It traces the journey of a young woman from the pit of despair to the moment of personal awakening that represents the collaboration between the film maker and screen icon Louise Brooks. The movie is a silent storytelling with a fusion of Pabst's expertise and Brooks' expressiveness that creates something special. The Kino Classics Blu-ray presents the film in a meticulous digital restoration to relish.

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